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NZAA Conferences

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Past Conferences:

Year Location


Archaeologists in the mist - Denniston



Lunch at Scorching Bay

The trip album




Hanmer Springs

Scones and coffee at the Heritage Hotel



Looking at a pelton wheel at the Talisman Battery, Karangahake.



Enjoying the sun in a papers break.

2004 New Plymouth  (50th anniversary)
Brian Fagan's keynote address (PDF download 80KB)
Films shown at the film night (Word download 20KB)
The official photograph

Field trip: Kelvin Day, Jack Golson, Nigel Prickett, facing away, Janet Davidson, Louise Furey.


Lunch at Stewart Town, Bannockburn.

2002 Russell
2001 Akaroa
2000 Wellington
1999 Auckland
1998 Picton
1997 Gisborne

The Association makes three awards at its conferences:

Public Archaeology Award:
This is awarded every second year to recognise outstanding efforts in public archaeology.

( see Archaeology in New Zealand 40(4)) 

"The award is open to members of NZAA and to the wider community, including individuals, groups and organisations (for example territorial authorities, iwi) and members of other scientific disciplines.

The following factors are taken into account:

Past winners have been:

2009 Susan Stevens - Gibbston River Trail, Central Otago
2007 David Dowset - Te Aro Pa protection
Highly commended 
Rachael Egerton - Heritage management Southland - Auckland Islands
2005 Richard Walter and Chris Jacomb
2003 Joint Winners:
Project Freeflow, Auckland Motorway enhancement.
Cornwall Park Trust Board, Maori History extension to the visitor centre.
2001 Queens Redoubt Project Committee

Best Student Paper Award:
This is awarded to the best student paper delivered at the conference. It is not always awarded, depending on the level and standard of contributions. No entry is required.

Past winners have been:

2010 Kirsty Potts
2009 Ella Ussher
2008 Ben Davies
2007 Ben Shaw
2006 Tiffany James-Lee
2005 Amy Findlater
2004 Yolanda Vogel
2003 Joanna Wylie
2002 Jaqueline Craig
2001 Emma Brooks

Groube Fieldwork Award:
This award is in honour of a remarkable student of New Zealand archaeology, Les Groube. He is pictured at the right in the 1960's with a piece of Tongan pottery. The award is made every second year to the archaeologist who has made the most outstanding contribution to field work in New Zealand archaeology in the immediate past. Normal practice has been for the President to invite nominations prior to the conference.

Past winners have been:

2010 No award
2008 Kevin Jones  - Citation
2006 Anne Leahy 
2004 Ken Phillips
2002 Louise Furey and Brenda Sewell
2000 Vanessa Tanner
1999 Warren Gumbley
1998 Owen Wilkes
- Tony Walton (Special award) - Citation