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New Zealand Journal of Archaeology

 The New Zealand Journal of Archaeology was published for 30 years but is now succeeded by the Journal of Pacific Archaeology 

Formerly published by the New Zealand Archaeological Association in association with the University of Otago.


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 NZJA special publications:


Fishing in Pre-European New Zealand by Foss Leach

Jointly published 2006 by New Zealand Journal of Archaeology (special publication) and Archaeofauna, volume 15.



Archaeology on Taumako:

A Polynesian outlier in the Eastern Solomon Islands
by Foss Leach and Janet Davidson

Published November 2008 by New Zealand Journal of Archaeology 
This lavishly illustrated volume describes the results of archaeological research carried out on the
Polynesian Outlier of Taumako in the Santa Cruz Group (Temotu Province) of Solomon Islands in 19771978. The project was part of a wider interdisciplinary investigation of the Southeast Solomon and Santa Cruz Islands.




Special publications are now available for download:

Fishing in Prehistoric New Zealand - Foss Leach

A Guide to the Identification of Fish Remains from New Zealand Archaeological Sites - Foss Leach


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